“Vessels” is still on R&D phase (it’s harder than we thought). Meanwhile, there’s another game in “Story Development” phase and it’s called “Sheeep”. It’s a game mainly for kids and these are the main characters:

"Sheeep" characters

Only one of them has already a name: “Sheeep”. Can you figure out who is this name for? 😉

Magnetocure on Google Play

We’re proud to announce that our first Android game is now avaliable on Google Play! Stay tuned for updates!

Android app on Google Play

It’s worth noting that:

  • All the graphics assets have been made using GIMP.
  • The game library used is LibGdx
  • The font used in the games is Unsteady Oversteer and is free from Larabie Fonts.
  • The sounds are from SoundJay.