7 Minutes Workout


This is the basic help for the gamapp (“gamified app”) 7 Minutes Workout. If you need more help or some clarification, please add a comment to this post and we’ll answer ASAP.

First things first. This gamapp is inspired by an article in the New York Times about a scientific-based fitness method. As said in that article, the only things you need are a chair, a wall and yourself.

Workout rounds

7 Minutes Workout - Main Screen

Main Screen

A workout round is made of 12 exercises of 30 seconds each, resting 10 seconds in between.

7 Minutes Workout - All  exercises

All exercises

Before the start of the first exercise, a 10 sec. “get ready” screen is shown:

Get reading screen

Get ready!

Every exercise is shown in a screen with a red background color, like this:

7 Minutes Workout - Red screen: do exercise!

Red screen: do exercise!

And a green screen indicates that you have to rest. While you are resting, the next exercise is shown:

7 Minutes Workout - Green screen: rest!

Green screen: rest!

Points and achievements

Every time you complete a roud, your points, trophies and achievements are updated. If you unlock an achievement, a button flahses on the main screen:

7 Minutes Workout - Achievements button flashing

Achievements button flashing

In the Achievements Screen you can view you progress. Points, trophies ands achievements are shown as well as your progress in the current week (if you started completing rounds on monday).

7 Minutes Workout - Achievements Screen

Achievements Screen

To earn a trophy you must start on monday and complete several consecutive days:

7 Minutes Workout - Trophies and week progress

Trophies and week progress

You can touch each achievement to show a little description of how this achievement is earned:

7 Minutes Workout - Achievement description

Achievement description

Exercise interruption

If the round is interrupted (the app is paused by a call, …), you must start again from the begining. When the app is resumed from a pause, this screen is shown:

Oops! Try again screen

Oops! Try again